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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
Honestly, I am going to have to watch a little harder on this one. I haven't "noticed" Giroux as bad even strength but I definitely have the orange colored glasses on when it comes to him. I agree on Carter. My post was more of a question, so I see your point and find that interesting. What do you see in Girouxs game that can account for it? Not back-checking? Weak stick? Poor coverage? I honestly haven't seen many holes....
1) People don't like it, but he's giving away a lot of size and that matters as far as putting your body into people in the defensive zone. He also uses a really short stick, so he doesn't have a lot of reach defensively... which means he doesn't cover much space (compare this to someone like Carter that can cover a ton of space on reach alone).

2) He isn't a natural center. He didn't grow up playing the position, and he's now learning to play center in the hardest league in the world.

3) He doesn't have the best defensive technique, especially in the backcheck. For some reason he loves to do this whipping dive/reach action with his stick with regularity and try to poke the puck free... but it rarely works to jostle the puck free and the guy gets a few more steps on him in the process.

4) Most obviously, he makes some risky passes/plays that burn him.

He'll get better... since, unlike Briere, Giroux clearly competes defensively and that's 95% of playing defense. However, I don't think he'll ever be great defensively. That being said, Carter was *ing brutal defensively when he first got into the league, and he's now a pretty good defensive player. Carter doesn't have the instincts that Richards has (otherworldly), but he plays his position well and takes advantage of his speed and stick.

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