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Originally Posted by StarBurns View Post
1. I seriously doubt that the Arrow was actually a very good aircraft.
The full capabilities of the Arrow are something that is still debated to this date. But I would imagine if you were to talk to most historians and those who have knowledge of the program you would find that the Arrow was a remarkable aircraft for it's time, and even to this date.

Read this article, it was written by a University of Waterloo studen on the Arrow. It goes over how the plane would compare to today's standards.

"These engines were heavier than the Canadian designed Orenda PS-13 Iroquois, which was an absolutely phenomenal design for the time, and provided approximately 26,500lbs of afterburning thrust. In fact, the Iroquois engine was powerful enough to get the Arrow supersonic without afterburner, a feat that the Americans have only duplicated in the F22, which won’t even be in service until 2005!"

2. Since when does military manufacturing have to have a foreign market to sell its product?
It doesn't, however it's usually benefecial, and usually needed, if smaller countries defence industries begin building advanced high-tech weaponry/vehicles et cetra. This is usually done to supplement the massive costs of R&D, manufacturing, maitenance, et cetra.

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