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12-13-2010, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by vera1964 View Post
The deal with Carter/Giroux is simple -- Giroux is the one having the puck. This is not going to work with Zherdev -- he has to be the man. And, if you want him to be outstanding, you have to let him play his game -- it always work like this with talented people. If you want to try to get a talented person to be something he isn't, then don't be surprized he is below average.
Should we consult Habs-era Kovalev about this?

It doesn't take any brains to figure out Zherdev hasn't changed since before KHL. That was the gamble, that he would come back willing to do the thing you need to do to be in the NHL. He hasn't, that's why he signed to the KHL in the first place.

On some teams he would work, on ours he doesn't. Championship teams stick to their game, and play withing the coach's style. If the style is good (which Lavy's is) they will win games. When you have someone like Zherdev come in and fail to conform to that style (be it whatever reasons) it really hinders your team more than progresses it. And yes, even for talented players.

Remember Kovy when we faced Devils last year? He hindered his team because he didn't play the Devils style.

This has everything to do with Flyers thought they could train Zherdev to buy into the team, and he doesn't do it often enough to make it worthwhile keeping him.

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