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12-13-2010, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by rban View Post
Guess you dont get what I meant by fresh. I mean not tired ... as in, not tired cuz he isnt getting many minutes in the POs.

And who cares how many he scores in the POs with Rags? Were Rags as stacked as Philly? Was he surrounded by as much star talent as here?

Not to mention, my whole argument is that he will NOT score many goals in the POs.

Philly is stacjed. They have many players who'll score lots in the POs. They dont need Z to scpore lots, thye just need him to score a few key ones.

He will score a few at key moments.

Like when Flyers are tied 2-2 in a Game 7 third OT, and everyone is tired cuz they've played 5 periods .. xcept Z who is not tired at all cuz he's been benched most of the game...

So Z only scores one goal all POs. Which is fine cuz it's a key goal that wins a series for them.
that's horrible logic

I wonder if he asked for a trade

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