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12-13-2010, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
So I recieved the WORST trade I have ever seen in this game. It was a 20 something year old winger, fully bloomed with a 62 EPA for my 28 year old winger with a 78 EPA.

The offer was SO bad that I felt the need to PM the coach to politely ask him to stop trying to trade **** people, as it is bad for the game.

He responds: "newb? go listen to your nascar. and juste refuse the trade."

This begs the question... is that the worst insult you have ever heard? Go listen to your nascar? I assume because I am American and he is Canadian he thinks I am a red neck.

Edit. My response:

"Did you just equate me being an American with me being a red neck?

Should I assume you drink Labatt Blue and sodomize forest creatures, all while saying "eh?" at the end of every sentence because you are Canadian?"

His coach's name is John Lajoie if anyone wants in on the fun.
I'm going to start using this in regular conversation. It's so bad that I love it.

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