Thread: OT: Calgary in February.
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12-14-2010, 03:13 AM
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Skobs, how much you looking to spend on a restaurant?

I recommend the Saltlik downtown (good steak house), but as a result it's a little pricey... if you want to stick around the downtown core I suggest you wander around Stephen Avenue (Saltlik is also on Stephen Ave, easy to spot because of the big metal horse statue)
And of course there's a newly renovated mall in downtown Calgary called TD Square. It'S ALSO on Stephen Avenue.
If you're a beer and wings kind of guy, I suggest visiting a place called the Hose n Hound... but that's NOT on Stephen Ave.

And last but not least on Stephen Avenue is the Flames Central bar/club, basically an official Flames-sponsored sports bar.

So lots to do in one area.

In the downtown area there's Chinatown a couple blocks north of Stephen Avenue area, and to the west of Chinatown there's a place called Eau Claire Market, basically it has some more 'cultural' stores (think European mostly).
North of that area is an area called Kensington, full of pubs and another "cultural" area, but more like... artsy sort of stuff.

Otherwise... there's Canada Olympic Park for a cheap ski hill... uhh... Banff is good for out of town.

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