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06-13-2005, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by King Blazer
Apparently it was, given that they signed Hymovitz with 2-games left in the rugular season and had him centering the second line during the playoffs. LEt me use a player you might be familiar with as a comparison. Matt Ryan is very much a Jarred Smithson type player at this point. A lot of energy, quick first step, decent shot, perfect center for an energy/checking line. Ryan was no where near ready to center a top scoring line and probably won't ever be. It's just not his game...
Fair enough. Was Ryan pretty much the ONLY guy to play in Lehoux' place? Or were there other guys who were given a serious shot at the job? The fact that they went with the kids until there were 2 games left leads me to believe they really wanted to see what they had...or otherwise test various people.

The only rationale I have to not replacing Lehoux (and really any decision ever made in Manchester) is what it teaches the kids and what the Kings find out about the kids from the decisions that get made. If the Kings wanted to test Cammy's (and other top 6ers') mettle for how they respond when a top 2 center goes down (and not learn that when your (arguably) best player goes down management will do something to "save the day"), then that's a good reason not to replace Lehoux. If the Kings wanted to test Ryan, then that's a good reason. I'm sure there are other "good reasons" I don't know about. Maybe they were testing Boudreau to see how HE responded and whether he may one day coach with, or replace, AM.

What would NOT be a good reason would be money. And if that were the reason I would be sorely disappointed.

I'm thinking there was probably an NHL caliber player or two looking for work this season. Sean Avery might have been a good addition, no? I thought I read somewhere that he might like to play center. He's likely going to be playing with Brown, Gleason, Cammalleri, and TK soon. He might be on a line in L.A. with TK when the NHL resumes...
Avery signed with the UHL on 2/11/05 after playing in Finland since 11/24/04...Lehoux got hurt in January, right? Maybe they could have signed him...that might have been a good move.

I don't see where they can gut the prospect cupboard. At this point, I think thay might have to acquire some players just to fill out the Monarchs roster next season, we'll see...
Probably so...especially if the NHL has a season and SEVERAL of the Monarchs make the team. Of course, if some people had their way the Kings would sign Demitra and Palffy so there'd be NO room for any of the kids.

What I really meant was that if Cammy and other somewhat older prospects really can't elevate their games in the playoffs, what are they good for? But since I don't believe that's the case and it was more than likely the coaching failing to get the players to play better, it was really rhetorical.

Great post, KB.

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