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12-14-2010, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
We should trade (or should have traded) the pieces we knew wouldnt fit a 3-4. Guys like Carter and Rocky, they get things done in the 4-3. They have struggled all year. I hate the 3-4. Always did, but mostly because we never ran it in Washington.

So we need a NT, an OLB (sorry but Alexander looks stiff and slow - unproductive regardless) an ILB, and some backup LB's. We need a FS too. Philly is built fast and we are old and slow.

Maybe we should trade McNabb for picks. His inaccuracy on short passes is maddening, the Philly fans are laughing at us. Even his deep balls are often off target. Only because of some miraculous catches by Armstrong, has he completed a bunch.

We should trade our first to move down / add picks.

What a frigging mess this team is. Shanahan seems like he is trying to win now but you cant do that forcing us as constructed into a 3-4. It makes no sense. He should have moved to the 3-4 next year.
Not much to disagree with on my end, but I feel Shanallenhan got rid of what they felt they could last offseason and didn't want to junk the whole thing. Andre Carter and Rocky McIntosh will be gone after this season. Neither one fits into a 3-4 and that is obvious. Carriker, Jarmon, Golston and Bryant are worth keeping around for the D-line. Fletcher, Orakpo, Alexander, and Riley are worth keeping around as LB's, although I think Alexander would be better suited as a DE in the 3-4. And Landry, Hall, Barnes and Westbrook are worth keeping around as DB's. But thats it. The rest need to be replaced one way or the other over the next couple years.

As for McNabb, the potential to trade him is there. He calls Arizona his offseason home and they are desperate to upgrade at QB. And based on last nights game, I have to think the Vikings would be interested. Would the Skins get back what they dished out to get McNabb? Absolutely not, but they will get something and based on way things went this year I wouldn't be surprised if McNabb is moved. The structure of his contract extension seems to point to that possbility as well. Very accomodating to which ever team he plays for in the future.

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