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12-14-2010, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
LMAO! True to his name now.....he will def need a Walker! Massive fail on Holmgren's part with Leighton and Walker....not to mention Shelley and let's throw in Zherdev for good measure. My god we could have had Thomas for christ's sake for all that money and I can give a rat's ass about his contract supposedly being prohibitive. I mean what do you consider the contract's of all the players I just mentioned??? Added value????...cut me a break!! I mean at least Thomas would be playing and we would have a seasoned Vezina goalie for the playoffs. Not to mention Bob could develop more properly. But no..Holmgren being the forward thinker that he is signed a bunch of retreads and overpaid them to add insult to injury...pun intended!
And how is it all turning out for us? The fact we are last place in the NHL clearly shows how bad our off-season truly was. We are so much worse than last year and clearly have zero chance at winning a Stanley Cup. While the teams we traded with such as Tampa Bay are so much better than us. Also, the goaltenders we could have signed this off-season (Ellis, Mason, Turco, Nabokov, Nittymaki) are lighting up the league while our goalies have been just dreadful all year.

Now - you read the above and realize - NONE OF IT IS TRUE!!!! We are much better than last year the goalies we passed on are SUCKING this year and Gagne is doing nothing in Tampa. Perhaps it is the 2nd round pick that will clearly turn into the next Stamkos that has you so upset, cause it certainly isn't the current Flyers team. 8 deep on D 3 deep in net with 3 legit scoring lines. All key players signed for years to come. Doom and Gloom surrounds this team.

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