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12-14-2010, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by LeftCoast View Post
I'd say its arguable, but any advantage that Calgary has over Toronto is shades of grey. Both franchises lack depth, have gaping holes in core positions (like centre) and lack team speed. Both teams have traded away draft picks (without getting value in return) and both teams have made bad trades and even worse signings recently.

Calgary has a few more tradeable assets; I suppose Jokinen and/or Tanguay could be deadline rentals but Iginla has 2 more years at $7M per and Kipper has 3 years at an average of $5.8M which will cool the market a bit. To his credit, Sutter did move Phaneuf, but got very little value in return - if what you need are picks and prospects, why trade a key asset to a team who has neither?

However, in Toronto's favour, they are younger and Burke has already made most of the big roster dumps; Finger waived, Tucker bought out, Kaberle is UFA end of season, and if Kaberle waives his NTC he has some value at the deadline.

Burke also has time on his side. He is not likely to be fired in the next couple of years and the mess he inherited is not his own. The same (hopefully for Calgary's sake) can't be said of Sutter.
Players that hold good value in a flames firesale:

Iginla (Yeah no one could make room for this guy's salary for 2 years, it's only Iginla, nothing special)
Kipper (Is easily top 3 right now in the league, pretty easy to trade regardless of popular belief)

The flames have the pieces to sell in order to do a good rebuild at the current state. That is a huge difference from TO, not a grey area. You coming here and bashing our GM isn't saying anything, if the flames go into rebuild it won't be with Sutter around.

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