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12-14-2010, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by The Gnome View Post
Players that hold good value in a flames firesale:

Iginla (Yeah no one could make room for this guy's salary for 2 years, it's only Iginla, nothing special)
Kipper (Is easily top 3 right now in the league, pretty easy to trade regardless of popular belief)

The flames have the pieces to sell in order to do a good rebuild at the current state. That is a huge difference from TO, not a grey area. You coming here and bashing our GM isn't saying anything, if the flames go into rebuild it won't be with Sutter around.
Hey - I'm not bashing. I was just responding to the poster who was gloating about the "megalomaniac" in Toronto. To this poster, don't kid yourself. Calgary is in just as bad shape as Toronto, but is 2 - 3 years behind in starting the rebuild. You can obviously find fault in the way he has gone about it, but Burke has cleaned house and started to build "his' team. Darryl Sutter, it seems, is too attached to the team he built and still thinks he has the core of a championship team that only needs to be tweaked a bit.

Personally, I think Sutter did a great job up until the lock out, or maybe when he kicked himself upstairs to focus on the GM role. In retrospect, the team would have been better off to leave him as coach and hire a GM who understood the complexities of the salary cap. Personally, I think your team probably already has the guy on board in Jay Feaster.

But what ever happens, the owners should not let Darryl Sutter make any trades, hire anyone, fire anyone or do anything that could limit the next GM at this point. Once you know he's the wrong man at this point in time (and from reading your board, the fans have at least figured this out) you have to get rid of him quickly. It is imperative to not let him try to save his job at the expense of the long term success of the team.

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