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12-14-2010, 07:46 PM
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Back to the thread at hand (I don't care about TO at all), Sutter should be fired for being delusional or insane.

I actually do not blame him for originally trading for Olli, most fans in Calgary wanted Sutter to trade for him while he was still in Florida. The problem is that he brought him back. When he did this, the fans in Calgary were up in arms. His response to this was that they the people that mattered actually supported the signing, which was essentially slapping the fans in the face.

Sutter traded Dion Phaneuf. Fine he was a locker room problem, I didn't have a problem with Phaneuf being moved, but why in hell did he trade him for role players? Dion could of been used to possibly bring in Lecavalier, Spezza, or B. Richards. Or...we could of aquired a first round pick ++ in last years draft being that he gave up a first to aquire Jokinen.

He resigned Alex Tanguay, and while this has been a good signing so far, he brought back Alex based on the premise assuming that he could return to his career totals. Also, he thought that in bringing back Tanguay it would create a top line that would be among the best in the NHL. While Sutter has never gone on the record saying this, hearing preseason interviews with Iginla and Jokinen suggest to me that this was Sutter's goal for this season. We needed to add some offence and this was Sutter's solution. It was another gamble Sutter took, and we all know how the experiment has worked out so far.

Sutter has brought in alot of players from losing franchises. While he has tried to get good locker room guys, he has failed to aquire players from winning backgrounds that know how to win. Aquiring multiple players from losing franchises often adds and creates to a fragile environment because these players do not know how to win. Atlanta aquired alot of players from Chicago and they have a had quite a fair bit of success this season. We do have Tangs and Sarich, but that has not been enough to add to the leadership of this group.

Lastly, which kind of sums up everything, the team that Sutter has assembled for this season was based on the fact that the players in the lineup would all have bounce back years. You cannot "hope" and "bank" your season on the logic that aging players will all have bounce back or near career total years and expect to be a successful team. What he had in mind when reaquiring these players is not exactly how things are shaping up, hence our position in the standings.

The bottom line is that Sutter is a dinosaur in his philosophy and has built a team that may of had success in the pre-lockout era, but the reality is it is the exact opposite of how successful teams in todays NHL are built. It is this, along with his poor drafting and lack of prospects in our system that have the Flames in a terrible state and needing to rebuild. It is for these reasons that D. Sutter is delusional because he and the owners which he also has them believing his crap that think that this team can be a successful is why he needs to be fired.

Its too bad it had come to such a likely negative end after how he turned around the franchise, but he is trying to feed the fans and media lies that this group is capable of winning. I think most people are realizing that this is not the case, change needs to be made and the sooner the better.

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