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Originally Posted by Feel The Heat View Post
I can never understand booing a player on your own team. I understand not liking or even strogly diliking a player but why boo him?

Boo because he does not live up to a fans expectation? Just sad. Boo him because he is overpayed? Anyone would except a large sum of money and if you say otherwise your full of it.

Boo Dion now. Why? Never asked too be traded, never said anything bad about the fan base or team. Makes no sense. If you must boo to make yourself feel better
Why cheer at all?

I can never understand cheering a player or your own team. I understand liking or even strongly liking a player or team but why cheer them on?

Cheer because he lives up to a fan's expectations? Just impulsive, it doesn't actually affect the player's performance by how many people are watching the game from home or otherwise.
Cheer him because he is an adequate player who puts in effort?
Anyone would put in effort doing the thing you love for a living, and if you say otherwise you're full of it.

Cheer the team now. Why? They don't always win, and sometimes they show flashes of winning or making a comeback in a losing game but not always. Makes no sense. If you must cheer to make yourself feel better

Interesting, isn't it?
Not really making fun, but just saying, booing is the fans' way of pressuring the opposition. Calgary used to have one of the most hostile buildings just a few seasons ago, when the C of Red was going strong, and nowadays, you can actually HEAR Oilers chants when they play here.
And cheering is the rallying cry for the home team.... even if it doesn't help, it probably doesn't hurt, and that applies to booing too.

No harm in it, FTH. c:

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