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10-07-2003, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Wyvern
Its questionable how well Matty will perform. Boucher is great, but might not be physical enough.
I agree on Matvichuk; I very much doubt how much he will rebound. I think Boucher is plenty physical enough for the job, but he doesn't have Hatcher's sideshow routine (or braincrampiritis as it's become known); so, he doesn't bring the same element of intimidation as Hatcher. But, I don't see much intimidation in Erskine either.

Originally Posted by Wyvern
The way I am looking at it is having Daley in Utah does not hurt the team. If Erskine does not get any better, we can always ditch him and then bring Daley up.
Do you think that's realistic though? Every move Dallas makes with Erskine has been generally in spite of his actual play. I don't know that the Stars (ie Armstrong) would be inclined to dump Erskine for much of any reason.

Originally Posted by Wyvern
Daley is going to be a better player for spending time in Utah as the #1 defenseman. Thats good for the team. In the long run and later in the season when we will more than likely need him due to injuries.
I understand the importance of developing in the minors, but I think Daley would be just as well-served being around Zubov and Numminen on a daily basis. Let him learn from two fine players on and off the ice. I also tend to believe that a Daley-Robidas pairing would be much better than a Erskine-Robidas pairing. Meaning they would see a few more minutes and would lighten the load on the top 4. We obviously disagree on all this, but I wanted to expand on my side of it a bit. I understand your side of it no problem. The two key questions IMO are: How well Erskine plays and if he doesn't improve, how do the Stars handle the situation?

Basically, what it all comes down to is you believe Erskine can improve (that's the impression I'm getting anyway; sorry if it's incorrect) and I don't think he will.

We shall soon see.

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