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12-14-2010, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by MIDSHIPMAN View Post
Who are you talking about? I know that Gaborik gave us the chance to MATCH the contract he was offered from NY but the length not the $ made DL say no. Kovalchuk never even told us he had a contract offer from NJ for 100+ million and definately didn't want our 15yr/80 million offer. Other than that - who was it? I don't think you know your facts.

He did a great job with our rebuild but he hasn't faltered yet. The Kings are a playoff team, they're on the rise. You don't fire your GM when things are good. If we miss the playoffs I don't think he gets fired. If we really tank the season - maybe but I doubt it. Not signing a UFA or making a huge trade does not get GM's fired when their team is winning and they're having sellouts. You also don't fire your GM because your teams PP sucks. We're 17-10-1. Better than last year at this same time. What's the problem? You want a big name winger for Kopi, I get it. I'd like one too, but who? I made my list. Teams just aren't dealing right now. Ottawa has been trying to make a trade since October and hasn't done anything - because no one is looking to make changes yet. Every single team in the West has a shot at the playoffs right now. The worst teams (Calgary and Edmonton who both WILL NOT make it) are only 6 and 8 points back respectively which isn't that far. A win streak of 5 or 6 games puts them right back in the hunt.

It's easy to say - trade for Iginla or whoever but it's not that easy for DL. You're starting to sound like the fans that wanted Kovalchuk no matter what.

Let me break this down for you.

We have the best goaltending since Kelly Hrudey and Daniel Berthiaume both had 20 wins in 1990/91 - that's 20 years ago and only lasted for that year - so you could argue that we have better goaltending right now than Glenn Healy and Mark Fitzpatrick (that was supposed to be our future in the late 80's - ha!). Than EVER. Then you add in Zatkoff and Jones (I'm very high on Jones). WOW!

Our D is deeper than it's ever been. The early 90's teams had some great D too but not the prospects we have now. They were deep when Rob Blake, Darryl Sydor and Brent 'muppet face' Thompson were coming up. That also - 20 years ago. I'll take our D any day when you add in Martinez, Muzzin, Hickey, Teubert, Forbort.

Fowards - we've had great, great forwards and this team doesn't compare. But what is the arguement? That the LAPD line was great? How long ago was that and can you name anyone on the 2nd or 3rd lines from back then besides Smoke or Lappy? Gretzky era? Dionne era? Back in the late Gretzky era and into the LAPD line stuff we didn't have ***** for prospects. Pavel Rosa, Justin Papeneau are two that come to mind for me. Matt Zultek or Donald MacLean? Come on now. Our farm system in Phoenix was *****.

DL isn't going to get fired anytime soon. We haven't looked this good in over 20 years. Our prospect depth hasn't EVER been this good.
Wow, I actually remember most of that. Now I feel old.

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