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Originally Posted by Feel The Heat View Post
When you boo or jeer an individual you motivate him. Not the same as posters, horns, chant and clap, play top-40 music in the background. Understand the diffrence?
I wouldn't make it any more complicated than it needs to be
Athletic clowns? This comment is joke. Makes you look like a clown.
Wow, it really does motivate you!
A chant doesn't motivate a player, but a boo or jeer does? I think your out to lunch.
Typical power play:

"Let's go blah blah, let's go *clap, clap, clap*"

That chant is "suppose" to motivate the team, and that's only one chant of a traditional hockey chant. That little kipper-kid that pretends to play goalie in the stands could (arguable) motivate kipper to play better. There are thousands of examples, but I certainly don't understand your difference.

Clowns = Entertainers, and hockey players = entertainers, but hockey players don't equal clowns because hockey players are athletes that play a sport whereas clowns are just weird entertainers. The point is that a hockey player's role in society is to entertain, as are clowns, actors, singers, etc. They didn't want to be booed, then they should've joined the peace choir.

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