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06-14-2005, 01:17 AM
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Well as far as replacements go? Why doesn't AM go to Manchester with his whole crew. Especially Van Pap-Smear. AM is more suitable for developing guys at the level of the AHL than the NHL. If systems of X's and O's is what the NHL is all about he'd be better suited there teaching systems. I feel that he has mishandled some of our youth and has a bit of favoritism. If he's in the AHL he has no choice but to take the players that are given to him (to a certain extent).
I think the Manchester posters here like blazer, moto..etc have a better gauge on the coaching staff than we do. And their posts are always very informative and without bias. So farewell to Bruce and company and good luck in the future.

As for the NHL...........Hurry the ***** up already, you've already destroyed the league. Don't make me go to another baseball game for as long as I live!

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