Thread: News Article: Ryan Callahan "Heart of a Ranger"
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12-15-2010, 02:34 AM
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Originally Posted by DelZottoFutureNorris View Post
Yea, but you can say the same about Blair Betts or Jed Ortmeyer. I don't think anyone was questioning Drury's heart or work ethic or character, were they?

The point is he's not that good of a hockey player anymore. He's declined quite a bit from 5-6 years ago and the Rangers are ready to move on. They HAVE moved on. They've been playing mostly great hockey in his absence. They have new leaders. They are building a legitimate and well-defined identity (something that Drury was not able to garner or be a part of whatsoever in his Rangers career). If he didn't have a NMC, he very likely would have been traded this offseason, captaincy and all. I just see this team having a brighter future without him. The sooner we cut ties with the Drury captaincy era, the better.
Bluenote quoted Callahan. Inferno said, "Yeah, but..." I responded. None of us were talking about Drury's skill. So...what? You're the one in this thread that brought Drury's skill into question. We WERE talking work ethic, heart and character.

Drury has been around the team since he was injured. He has been skating for weeks. He's in the locker room with the team during practices. Just because he's not playing, doesn't mean he's not there or part of the team. I have a seriously hard time believing that there's some sort of leadership dynamic that requires Drury continuing to not play to remain in effect. Callahan and Staal can still wear their A's and hit everything in sight and lead during the games. It's not going to just magically change.

He had a bad season last year. It happens. He's 34. On the old side, but not ancient. He's in great physical shape and has no previous history of serious injury. There's no reason he can't come back and chip in 25 points over these next 50 or so games, while killing penalties and actually winning some face-offs for us.

You guys can speculate all you want about this awful effect Drury's return will have and how it will hold back the development of the team...but it isn't happening. We'll just wait and see, I guess. I think you'll all be surprised. He has a lot left and will be an asset to the team.


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