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12-15-2010, 07:27 AM
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that was an awesome evening!

first, great meeting you flountown! the second intermission felt like 3 minutes long, way to short... it was a pleasure for me and really interesting, i think we could have been talking about sport for a loooong time.

with that little beauty of a stadion you flyers fans can be really happy, the wells fargo with all its bars is really spectator friendly (just build more toilets, damn it! )

i do not have the camera-computer cable here with me so i'll have to post the pics in 2 days when i'm back home. just to say, i allready had goosebumps when the warmup started (great tip from all of you to go and look at this). its simply incredible how fast and big those players are.

i had to wake up my brother (in the middle of the night back home) to tape this game for me, according to a nice fellow sitting next to me we were "on camera" quite ofter in our sector.

a few more things i learned yesterday:

.) getting out of the subway and asking someone to make a picture of yourself in front of the "wells fargo center" leads to a picture of you and the mall thats right there.... 1 minute later it was clear that i got the wrong (and less impressive) building on camera

.) ESPNamerica has nothing to so with the ESPN you get here, i can watch 1-2 hockey games a day (live or taped) if there is no world series or sunday night football at that time. strange that this is somewhat better in europe and i hope your ESPN gets the TV rights back.

.) cultural difference: in austria, you can (and people are) regularily chat while standing at the urinal when you are at a game. here, asking someone for directions to the at&t pavilion seemingly leads to a awkward "oh-my-good-it's-george-michael" blank stare at the tiles in front..... weird (sorry about that whoever that was.... sometimes i tend to forget that there are quite big differences)

anyways, great evening, very nice people and pics will follow!

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