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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
And you would have been wrong b/c the reality is that Thomas is performing and damn well and again the contract although not ideal was not horrible considering what you signed for the same money. Also again you would have a vezina goalie for the playoffs and Bob could round out his game. BTW Thomas has 3 years left doesn't he which includes this year..where is the 5 coming from?

I recall Holmgren really considering getting Thomas because he liked his attitude, was professional and a great competitor (or so it was reported). He then went back to his strategy that he pursued when he went after Hamhuis who rejected us and decided to solidify the D and then "jumped" at Meszeros. Then came the ill advised Leighton signing and raise, Shelley signing, Zherdev signing and last but worst..the Walker signing.

Anyway, this is all a moot point for now but the strategy he pursued will show itself come playofff time. If Bob is the real deal then we should be fine although it doesn't absolve the situation of having dead weight completely. The cap flexibility would have been nice no matter what especially come trade deadline time where you might need the flexibility.
No, no, no, no, a thousand times no. Much like the arguments I make about cannot just use the ends to justify the means.

Trading for a 35+ contract worth 5 million over multiple years when he had a down year IS stupid and you can't argue that. Whether or not that 35+ year old turns it around and plays well has NOTHING to do with the fact acquiring that specific player in that specific circumstance is STUPID.

If I buy a $10,000 lottery ticket is that smart? No it's effing dumb! Because the chances of me winning are small. If I win does that make it smart? No it's still effing dumb, I just got lucky and it worked out in my favor.

I'll even give you an example with better odds. If I go to AC and put $10,000 on black, is that smart? Nope. It's dumb. If I win does it become smart? Nope, it's still dumb, I just happened to win. Now you need to recall Tim Thomas has years on his contract beyond this year. So you have to continue to take your $10,000 winnings and keep placing it on black essentially. RISK!

Why don't people seem to understand risk mitigation? Being a GM is not about acquriing players with no regard for money, assets, or risk. In a salary cap world, you cannot afford something that risky when you are as money tight as we are.

edit: Oh and I'm not sure what you're asking with "where is the 5 coming from"? I don't see where I said that. 35+ contract for multiple years at 5ish million per year, is what I think I said?

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