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12-15-2010, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilers Chick View Post
Good sweep, but I wouldn't take BSU lightly. They swept UNO and pulled off a tie with UMD earlier in the year. I know that Bucky doesn't see BSU again during the regular season, but should they happen to meet in the post season, don't be too surprised that BSU comes out swinging.

That said, one thing I was happy to see was that it wasn't just Smith and Zengerle putting up all the points upfront. I saw that Podge netted a couple and (if memory serves me correctly) Dolan and Mersch also netted one as well. And that only helps the team, especially since Smith, Zengerle, as well as Schultz and Gardiner already have targets on their backs for obvious reasons.
Yeah, it looked like the Beav had awoken during the UNO series, so I'll gladly take the points. It makes Bucky .500 in conference play. Matt Read is a heck of a player.

Secondary scoring has been a problem all year, especially after Dolan's production started to tail off. Derek Lee really needs to step it up; he has way too much skill to not be producing week after week. Tyler Barnes has been pretty good and his game is coming along. Mersch has potential to be a real beast next year. Schultz, the next 1st team All American from the program, can not be stopped, merely slowed down! It's like Big Chief said above; these guys are finding their game and quite connecting right now. They're already decent and should be very tough when they do gel.

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