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12-15-2010, 10:39 AM
We don't need one!
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I did not say there wasn't risk I said that the risk wasn't as big as people made it out to be. That is my point! I posted an article about how his surgery was not some major deal. The guy had an off year and was overshadowed by Rask and the injury didn't help. Anomalies happen! As far as the 5 comment I meant his contract is for another 3 years which includes this year. Some people said it was a 5 year deal we would have to deal with. If Holmgren stuck with the strategy to get a goalie since we had no clue what Bob was going to do and still don't in the longterm and especially the playoffs he could have just swapped Gagne's contract for Thomas and then allowed for more cap space by not signing Leighton and then giving ill advised contracts to the likes of Shelley or trading for Walker (almost 2m for 3 years). Look at all the risk you gained from just those 3 players alone! There has been NO added value with those signings and they aren't devoid of risk. Even if Thomas didn't perform out the gate we actually would still be in a better position cap wise and we could have still solidfied our D and had the ability to extend Giroux and Carter...maybe they would had to get a cheaper D man than Meszeros and given Bartulis a chance to earn a spot but with Thomas in net you wouldn't have had to stack the D as much although Holmgren stacked it by overpaying anyway. Again this is all about pursuing a different strategy with Thomas being your cornerstone deal. It wasn't as big a risk as people were making it out to be given the flexibility you would have gained.

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