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12-15-2010, 10:58 AM
We don't need one!
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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
I also wanted a goalie added, but not TT because it was far too risky. And in no way am I condoning, Shelley or Walker, those are equally stupid.
ok it was far too risky for you. I agreed with was risky but not as risky as some imagined especially if Holmgren pursued a better offseason strategy with the goalie as the cornerstone. Yeah Bob is making it a moot point for now but we are only 1/3 into the season. Thankfully everything is just fine but this game is a funny game and we will have to see what kind of situation we are in around March (trade deadline) and April with the goalies and injuries. I agree a lot of those goalies were not palatable but I did support getting Thomas. I didn't like Turco, I figured Nabakov would go to Russia, Ellis I was on record as saying reminded me of Esche, Biron was flaky, Niemi was not great etc. The only one I sort of liked was Nitty but he's been inconsistent as always. Holmgren is just lucky Bob has done more than expected and Boosh is holding his own but there is a real risk that might not hold up. Holmgren's strategy of stacking the D and the middle is not bad since depth at those two positions is key int he playoffs but in the offseason tons of people were in agreement that we needed to address the goaltending situation since nobody imagined Bob would be as good as he has been although he's tapered off...

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