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06-14-2005, 07:22 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan10
And as for Hitch not wanting to use young players, you need to look no further than his time in Dallas and you can see how reluctant he was to use any of the rookies. His reluctance to use rookies nearly cost Jamie Langenbrunner his career. He nearly ruined him. Did you notice that Dallas never had any young defensemen in the line up either? Why do you think that was? Hey, all what I'm going to say about Hitch is that he is unbelievably tough on young players and at times, he's been rougher on youngsters than what Mike Keenan was. Hitch needs someone to slap him upside the head and get him to clue in that these kids are gonna make mistakes and that's part of the learning curve. I have no confidence in him what so ever to develop our youngsters. Look at what he did to Williams. And we have him moulding our crown jewels in Richards and Carter. That scares me. Unless he lightens up a bit, he's gonna ruin them. Mark my words on that.
Comparing Hitchcock then and now is not a fair thing to do. Coaches can, and do, change. I believe that the lockout has had a major impact on Hitch and his philosophy of using his young players.

Hitch has even said on DNL that he needs to re-think the way he uses his younger players and, since he saw these kids on a daily basis, is very impressed with them and is confident that they will be key contributors to the team once the lockout is over.

Personally, I never thought Justin Williams was anything more than a 3rd liner. He was a great skater and puckhandler, but never showed that he had the ability to finish a play. Honestly, I felt that he could have benefited from a season in the AHL.

As for Sharp, he is a 2nd line forward at best. He does not have the offensive skills to play on the 1st line. Comparing him to Gagne is doing Gagne a disservice.

Regarding Umberger, you complain that Sharp won't produce if paired with Fedoruk
and Stevenson type players, yet that is what you want to do with a talent like Umberger by relegating him to the 3rd line? Although the Flyers history with trading youngsters hasn't been great, I think Clarkie could get a solid d-man in exchange for Umberger.

Going back to your line combinations, if anything, Primeau should be on the 4th line with Handzus centering the 3rd. is offline