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12-15-2010, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by LeftCoast View Post
No, I get the point. But you seem, like most fans, to over value your own players.

Iginla, Regehr and Kipper are still top tier players, but it is not an easy thing to trade players over 30 with $4M, $6M and $7M contracts, particularly since all three have no move clauses. There are only a handful of teams who have the cap space (or financial strength) and are in the right point in their competitive cycle to take on these types of contracts.

The best time to pick up draft picks and prospects is often at the trade deadline. But the teams who are likely to be in the playoff hunt at the deadline are either at or near the cap (Pittsburgh, Washington, Boston, Phily, NYR in the East, Detroit, Vancouver, San Jose, Chicago in the West) or have other financial restrictions (Atlanta, Tampa, Dallas, Nashville, Phoenix). So realistically, if you are looking for a deadline deal, it comes down to Colorado, Anaheim, LA or Montreal (since Markov is LTIR). None of them need goal tending, so take Kipper off the list. Would Calgary really want to trade Iginla or Regehr to Colorado?

The next best time to trade for picks is on the draft floor. But if recent trends are telling, the value of draft picks has gone up significantly recently, and anyone who is willing to move them is going to get a lot of interest from Toronto and Edmonton.

I'm not saying these guys can't be parleyed into younger players and picks, but it is not going to be easy.
I never said it would be easy and there are always ways to send salary back. Pretty simple logic, and it has been done so many times in the past with comparable examples. I can't imagine any teams in the league that would want to change their team dynamic to acquire kipper, iginla, or regehr. I guess when players hit 30 they really do lose all of their value.

Kipper - plays above his contract
Regehr - plays to his contract
Iginla - is about 1 -1.5 mil below his contract. But give me a break...He's Jarome ****ing Iginla. Only a 14 year old who has a man crush on Taylor Hall would call him washed up.

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