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12-15-2010, 12:39 PM
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I get all over Homer as much as anyone around here, but I won't get on him for not trading for Tim Thomas. Given his age, contract and the fact that he was coming off injury ... the risk wasn't worth it, especially when we only needed a slight upgrade in net anyway.

Not one GM in the league made a play for Thomas, and rightfully so. The circumstances surrounding that player at the time he was supposedly available made him too risky for anyone to acquire. Not to mention the fact that Thomas still has multiple years left on a 35+ contract, where if he reverts to last seasons' form or has injury issues, you are quite literally ****ed for the future.

If Thomas was offered to the Flyers, then Homer did the right thing by passing on that deal at the time. What alot of people fail to understand around here is that a HUGE part of a GMs' job is to mitigate risk (especially in a cap world). Trading for Tim Thomas in the offseason would have been the exact opposite of mitigating risk.

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