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06-14-2005, 08:39 AM
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Gilmore was interviewed on the radio this morning on the Charlie Sherman Show in NH…

I’m going to paraphrase Gilmore’s comments:

The obligatory Bruce is a great guy; personal relationships make it a difficult decision sort of stuff to open the dialogue…

Nothing to really comment on here. Bruce is an ICON in NH; he is HIGHLY respected in the community.

Players either are born with a killer instinct or have to have it coached into them. The players were not coming to L.A. with a killer instinct…

I disagree somewhat here. I don’t know if you can coach a killer instinct into someone…

The organization doesn’t want 22-yr old players cutting their teeth for playoff hockey in the NHL. They feel that puts too much pressure on them so it needs to be done at the lower level…

Again, I disagree somewhat here. The Calder Cup playoffs are a far cry from the Stanley Cup playoffs. I understand that playoff hockey has more pressure associated with it than regular season hockey and that any playoff hockey is better than none, BUT I think any young player is still likely going to be like a deer in the headlights during at least his first, if not a few, NHL playoff experiences…

For the past three years, the Kings haven’t had an impact on the Monarchs roster because the Kings failed to qualify for the playoffs for two years and didn’t play this season…

I could go on and on about this but with the exception of this season, I disagree with what Gilmore said here. I think the Kings had a significant impact on the Monarchs roster during the two seasons previous to this one. I think Gilmore was trying to say that we sent some guys back in time for the AHL playoffs so we here at the Kings feel as though we didn’t do anything to hinder the Monarchs in the playoffs. I guess Boudreau should have been able to get the players sent to Manchester to gel as a team in the week or so that he was given to do so???

At this point, the interviewer, Charlie Sherman went right at Gilmore with when Yannick Lehoux went down, you folks did nothing. At the deadline when other teams around the league were adding rent-a-players for their runs, you did nothing. Then at the end of the day, the best you could come-up with was David Hymovitz?

Gilmore: I’d be hard pressed to name a single team that had more talent than we did in Manchester this year. Philly didn’t add anyone. Look, we talked to a lot of guys. Most of them had a year or two left on their deals and that wasn’t something we were interested in getting into…

I think Gilmore might have a somewhat biased view when comparing the talent the Monarchs had this season to that of the rest of the teams in the league. Actually, Philly added a kid out of Juniors, Alexandre Picard late in the playoffs. They really didn’t need to add much; they already had Jon Sim . What caught my attention was Gilmore admitting that they talked to a lot of teams and players and chose not to make a deal. If they didn’t want to go longer than this season with a guy, that’s fine, BUT, why were they talking to people about player acquisitions IF, as Gilmore stated, he would be hard pressed to name a team with more talent than the Monarchs this season?

Basically, what I took from the interview and Gilmore’s statements is that the Organization looked at the playoff results for the past four years and the only constant they could come-up with was the coaching staff. The roster was different in all four years so it’s got to be the coaching. I’m thinking there are a couple of other constants in play here, but because those involve L.A. personnel, they weren’t considered to be part of the problem.

From today’s Union Leader:
The decision to fire the three was made in Toronto last week at a meeting of Kings administrators, [B]including general manager and club vice president Dave Taylor and director of player personnel Bill O'Flaherty.[B] When the season ended, Gilmore had told the New Hampshire Union Leader that the Kings offered Boudreau a contract extension, but Boudreau never received the paperwork until yesterday, when he was fired at the same time he signed the extension.
"I think you can sit here and ask as many questions as you want of players and coaches, and you're going to get different answers," said Gilmore. "There has been a common occurrence over four years. We've had four different lineups in Manchester. They've had home advantage in three situations, a lineup not depleted by the L.A. Kings in each of the last three seasons. All these variables and the common occurrence is we don't raise the level of our play for the playoffs. Our intensity doesn't match the level of the opponents. We come out flat. The common thread in all of this was the coaching staff.
"You sit and you analyze what needs to change. We have to address this. We felt strongly it was one area that needed to be addressed," said Gilmore.

Basically, it appears that the guys most responsible for which players become Kings prospects made the decision to remove Boudreau because of the lack of success THEIR players have had in the post-season. I’m not going to sit here and contend that I know as much as Taylor or O’Flaherty when it comes to hockey and particularly when we’re talking about evaluating young talent. I will say that many of us Monarchs faithful that post here and on other boards suggested that this year’s team was slightly better than average talent wise when compared to the rest of the AHL teams. Yes, the Monarchs had arguably one of the best rosters prospect wise we’ve seen in Manchester to date, but so did a lot of other teams in the AHL.

In the end, it was probably time for Boudreau to move on. I’m most interested to see who the Kings bring in as a new Coach for the Monarchs. During the radio interview this morning, Gilmore indicated that candidates will be brought to L.A. during Prospects Camp in July and a decision is expected in early August. When asked if RUMORS about Jim Hughes being the front-runner as the successor to Boudreau had merit, Gilmore would only comment that if Jim were interested in the position, the Organization would certainly sit down with him…We shall see…

Link to UL article:

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