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12-15-2010, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post

Finally starting to realize what a mistake the Smyth trade was?

It's not as simple as you say it is, what makes you think Smyth will waive his NTC and even if he does, what team is going to invest $6 mill in cap space on Ryan Smyth?

The Islanders maybe to get to the cap floor, good luck getting Smyth to waive his NTC to go there.

Like I've been saying since we acquired him, Smyth and his awful contract are going to prevent the Kings from adding a key forward until he is gone after the 2012 season. All excess cap space this summer will be spent on securing the younger players like Doughty, Johnson and Simmonds. In July 2012 when this albatross is finally gone we can use the $6 mill in cap space and hopefully use it towards someone who is actually a $6 mill player.

The problem with this is, almost all the elite players in the NHL are signed long term.
I'm pretty sure 60 games of press box at the end of a carreer will make up his mind.
I'm afraid we are getting a second Rob Blake situation here.

Why anyone would trade for a 34 year old 6 mill $ guy when a way better 28 year old 1st liner who is already here is asking for 5 Mill $ is way beyong me.

I'm not that mad with missing great chances... sure this is bad enough....
what really drives me crazy is that we had the missing pieces and made them walk away or gave them away for almost nothing.......
I'm watching this crap now for 20 years and have to listen to that "have patience" stuff.
I really don't care anymore about minor improvements.... i wan t a contender and when a GM isn't able to make us one bring on the next. Same for the coaching staff.
Kompon is failing now for 5 years... a real Gm would accept that 1 year at most before giving him a dealine to fix this.

I'm really done with "he was trying" a want a maker. All of us could try.
What is see in near fututre is the 90's attitude coming back.
A team that is just appearing to the games but don't care anymore.
That leads to the players leaving the sinking ship as soon as they can.

How long do you think will Kopitar and Brown accept the 1st line mess ????
How long do you think will Johnson accept questioning his 1st line talent ????
How long do you think will the young guys accept not to be in the team while players like Westgarth or Zeiler gets the job presented on a silver plate ????
How long will the talented guys accept the Murray anti-hockey style ??????

I'm serious concerned right now despite of the winning. To be honest.... after Doughtys, Johnsons, Richardsons, Simmonds, Martinez new contract with the addition of Smyth salary we are out of any race to sign the 1st line talent we need.
The ususal stuff will come back from the 90's. We get presented the Rasmussens and Randy Robbitailes for solution and finally we are on the right track.

I'm just tired of this

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