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12-15-2010, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by pkd88 View Post
It always seems odd that playing hockey unleashes the sociopath in players and at times, that includes me. I have never attacked any player or done things to hurt players but I become very agitatorish and sometimes I am not happy with it.

I am old now (45) and don't play due to injuries and my anxiety problems but I hope maybe to get back in shape and try again.
Maybe this is a topic for another day, but hockey is the only sport where you're overly encouraged to be a *********.
Many players hide behind or like to utilize the old mantra 'What happens on the ice, stays on the ice'. I still think that's horse<bleep> when it's just a beer league or pick-up game.

But there's always going to be those idiots. And the dude that attacked someone while wearing a cage is a complete panzy.
I know too many guys that are like that. Wear a cage down to their groin and then skate around chopping, hacking and punching guys.
I watched one such individual shrivel into a scared little ball-less wonder after someone went at him and got his helmet off with one tug. Suddenly he was pleading for sanity from the refs while he spent the first 50 minutes of the game spearing, hacking and gooning up anyone that came within 5-feet of him.

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