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12-15-2010, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by MillerTime2181 View Post
Thanks....yeah you guys have a good history of developing quality goaltenders. Is it more of a system thing? I only ask because some goalies have left and have not had the same success, but then you have others who have played just as good. In addition, can anyone explain the similarities and differences in each of Lindback's and Rinne's games? Compare/contrast? Thanks again I don't get to see too much of the Predators.
Mason hasn't done too bad for himself over his career. He's still sitting at a 2.61 GAA and .912 SV% after 267 games. When Vokoun's trade was forced Mason was still a back up, though he had played a string of pretty good games (21 in a row if memory serves). He didn't light things up in STL, but he was respectable.

Ellis simply played above his potential at times, most notably during his play off series against the Wings. He has always been a 1B at best, but most useful as a solid back up. Nothing more, nothing less. (edit: as gopreds9 said above me, TB also has a pitiful defense.)

Vokoun was forced out during the sale fiasco, but he hasn't missed a step in Florida.

As for Rinne and Lindback, I believe a lot of it has to do with scouting and Mitch Korn. Both of these kids were plucked seemingly out of no where, as Lindback was found in the seventh round and Rinne in the eighth.

I don't doubt that our team system does help our goaltenders overall, but I also think that the way our team develops these guys makes the most difference. Watch some of our games. These two guys can make some incredibly impressive saves out of sheer instinct and athleticism, but they are also good positionally. Anders has a ways to go to catch up to Rinne in that regard, but he still isn't bad.

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