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12-15-2010, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Frank the Tank View Post
Reading this thread lets me know its not me who is the only one wondering from where the beer league hockey tough guys get their attitude.

We are a newly-formed ball hockey team, and while we have a half dozen guys who have played hockey growing up, the rest of the team is a bunch of guys relearning the game after an extended break from playing. Overall, it has been a lot of fun so far finally playing in a hockey league south of the border and having that hockey team camaraderie back in my life. At first I was hesitant to play with players relearning the game, but I admit it has been fun teaching these guys about proper positioning and the correct passing lanes.

Anyways, we were playing a team that had a player who was clearly better than the rest of his team. He wasn't a dominant superstar, but their team had obviously adapted their entire offense on getting the ball to him and then getting open for any rebounds or passes. After the 1st period we were down 3-1 with all 3 of their goals scored or set-up by this guy. I offered to shutdown this guy as I felt without him to quarterback the offense the other team would be lost out there. So I played tight to him the rest of the game and it worked as he began turning over the puck with poor passes and trying low percentage dekes on me, which I was able to use to transition our team quickly to offense. In the end, we were able to comeback and take the lead 4-3.

Near the end the game, they pulled their goalie and set-up a play that would spring this guy on a breakaway off the draw. Reading the play, I stayed close to him and lifted his stick just as the pass reached us and the ball rolled away harmlessly and was recovered by a defenceman hustling back. Out of nowhere this guy two handed me on the side of the leg and as I turned around he then sucker punched me in the mouth. While I trying to figure out if I had lost any teeth (I had a sharp pain in my gum line), he yells, "You think you are a better player than me?" Even before his strange comment the whole situation was a big WTF moment, and then that came out of nowhere. The kicker was that he was wearing a full cage and I do not wear any type of face shield. I do not know about hockey around here, but where I grew up that definitely was one of the most pu**y things a guy can do. Anyways, the ref booted him, and I do admit that I did enjoy scoring the 5-3 empty net goal as he watched from the stands.

After the game I asked an off-ice league official if this type of infraction (a fighting penalty) yields a suspension or any further discipline. He responded that unfortunately this type of stuff happens sometimes and that I should be ready to play next time we face them (more of a friendly heads-up I know these guys are dbags than a threat). With such an laissez-faire attitude from the league official I think 1) I may buy a cage and 2) may not play in this league past this season, if this does not prove to be an isolated incident.

A couple of things:

1. Where in Chicago is there a ball hockey league where people wear helmets and cages? Is it a roller hockey league?

2. Where in Chicago is there any type of league where someone can jack you in the face and not get suspended for it? Did your teammates go after the guy?

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