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12-15-2010, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Oh I agree 100%. All the f'ing time. But you just get used to it lol. The guy is in his late 20s. He isnt going to change his skating anytime soon. I feel like he does bring his all when he plays though. I was never a Hartnell hater (not lover either), but I always felt, even during all those ****** penalties, the guy would get pissed at himself and just keep working hard.
Haha... I was just kidding... I love Hartsy, myself. I'll admit that he was off earlier last season, and have to feel that the off ice personal problems have to had taken its toll on his play. Once the postseason got rolling and the money was on the line, he focused all his talents and got it back together... It is so draining when you have the kind of troubles he had -- as I can only imagine his circumstances without clear facts -- His falling, IMO, is a direct result of his style of play and his balls out, Hell bent play. I admit he is a little bone headed at times; but aren't we all? We are human... Having had a little limited contact with him I can easily see his personality as a great thing for a team and in the Room... I don't worry about Bird Dog... and I want him on my side going into war.

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