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12-15-2010, 04:39 PM
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1. I think a 40 game sample size is too small, especially with the chronic Mr. Potatohead crap which is the Sabres roster. Practically speaking, given Sabre injuries, he'll probably play half the games this year. I can live with that.
2. The Sabres lack of success in the standings is not disproportionately due to the ice time he has received. (Conversely, it's fair to argue Nate isn't disproportionately contributing to their success.)
3. Sure, he could score more, but I really don't have any issues with his play.
4. St. Louis is not much bigger. I'd bet Nate's upper body is bigger / stronger than Marty's.
5. I find the (potential) St. Louis comparisons a bit off. As others noted, Marty's vision is world-class, and his open-ice positioning is Gretzky-like (or at least Hull-like). But, Marty is way more elusive - he slips through spaces others cannot. In that regard, I find Ennis more like St. Louis than Gerbe. Neither Sabre has close to the shot and release Marty does. Gerbe creates offense, IMO, by being more of a bulldog (lapdog?) down low; he's not nearly the finesse player the other two are.
6. The "no-more-than-two-oompa-loompas" argument, given the remainder of the BUF roster, is valid, IMO, at least in theory, if not in practice. So,
7. Referring back to point #1, I favor keeping Gerbe, but if the roster can be improved by moving him, I'd do it (with a preference for receiving a similar-aged player in return). Gerbe may realize his potential on another team. If so, that would make Regier 1 for nearly-infinity, in hindsight (Pyatt, CMac, Novotny, Kennedy, Thorborn, etc.,). I could live with that.

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