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06-14-2005, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by King Blazer
Let me give you a scenario that unfolded in Lowell this season in Mid March:

Monarchs are playing in Lowell. Lowell has posession in the Monarchs zone. Puck is passed to a Lowell player in the corner to Hauser's right and that player is uncontested because Ryan blew his assignment. Ryan was standing all alone between the circles. Weaver has to leave his man in front to defend against the Lowell player coming out of the corner. Weaver wins the puck and has to take an icing call so they can re-group. As they skate to the bench, Weaver was on Ryan about his missed assignment. Ryan basically tells Weaver to go F himself, flips his stick blade-up and strokes it while looking at Weaver. Weaver goes to the defenseman's end of the bench, Ryan to the forward's end all the while barking at each other. Weaver says something to Hughes on the bench and Ryan and Weaver start throwing f-bombs at one another from the ends of the bench. Weaver appears to be getting up to go beat on Ryan when Hughes grabs him and sits him back down.

I originally looked at this as a veteran pointing out a mistake to a rookie and the rookie having an extremely immature attitude regarding the veteran's feed-back. Yes, Weaver was way hot, visibly pissed and his dig your head out of your ass comment to Ryan might not have been the best way to commence dialogue BUT, bottom line is Ryan screwed-up, a vet pointed it out ,and Ryan didn't take the criticism well. In retrospect, I'm wondering if Ryan was feeling pressure and just snapped...
wow this is the first I heard of this. Weaver had every right to get on Ryan. His mistake could have lead to a goal. I would have to say thou if Ryan wanted to say something to Weaver he should have saved it for the lockerroom. Doing some bushleague act like stroking his stick in referance to Weaver. Matt Ryan should have taken his medicine and kept quiet while the game was going on.

Originally Posted by King Blazer
About all I can say about Cammalleri's playoff performance is Providence did an incredible job at marking him and he was still able to contribute. Look at it this way jt, while the Providence players were concentrating on shutting down Cammalleri, he was creating openings and space for his linemates...I watched 4 of the 6-games in person (I travelled with a lap top and listened to games 3 & 4 via webcast). I have no issues with Cammalleri's performance in the playoffs...
People have gotten on Cammy about only having the 1 goal but the fact of the matter is this is the playoffs and teams are going to do everything they can to take away your best player. So its up to the rest of the team to step it up and pick up the slack from the goaltending on out. With the exception of Gleason and Brown no one did, then again that should suprise no one given the warriors that Gleason and Brown are. Gleason going out there at probably less then 50% should not be forgotten despite the outcome of the Providence series.

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