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12-15-2010, 08:36 PM
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I understand Phaneuf doens't morally deserve to be booed, but there's no question he'll get some booing because for some people, it's fun to pick on the players. Who here can honestly say that they wouldn't love to be the guy that pissed off Rick Rypien and have been given a shake? If it was me, I would've have talked smack to Manny Malhotra to get him involved too. It's entertainment people! We can expect people to have fun at the games, because for Flames fans these days, watching games alone isn't that entertaining.

Let's look at this from another angle: referee's get booed and they don't morally deserve it, they're trying to do their job and its a hard job to do. Referee's don't get paid millions of dollars either, so they get crapped on for an honest days work. Who here can honestly say they've never booed a bad call? Those referee's are publically embarassed by viscous booing, and yet we have empathy for a millionaire (Dion Phaneuf) who chose to be in this business. These are professional athletes, they understand the business and they can take it, same as referee's understand that fans are usually fanatics.

Even look at it from another angle: being publically scrutinized on national sports shows by hockey analysts do more damage to a player's self esteem than any booing. Sports analysts have no problem blatanly telling a national audience that a player is playing poorly, and can`t skate... blah blah blah, which is no less cruel than 5 mins (if that) of booing.

Have a little fun and boo Phaneuf... but if it's not fun for you, then don't boo, but don`t make it out to be a social justice story because it's not.

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