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06-14-2005, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Backin72
Who's whining? Yes we are criticizing, why not? If you're going to post something like that, expect it. But I guess if you feel that no one should say anything, what's the point of this place? I don't have the time, data base, or program to decipher the huge numbers, variables, etc to do it properly, so I won't do it and leave myself open to ridicule.
I think if a person feels the list does not give proper creadance to certain players that person should suggest a way to alter the forumla to make it so that player comes into factor. But to come out an be overly critical of something that is probably beyond your own capabilities to produce (as you suggested) it is just arrogant.

The list, by spanning multiple decades, is going to give credit to those who have played more seasons and by the same token have lead the league in assists during those seasons. Oates gets a lot of credit because he's played roughly 500 more games than Lemiuex and during that time he has had more opportunities to garner credits on Ogopogo's 7pt scale to become 3rd overall. That is NOT to say that Oates is a "better passer" or a "more creative playmaker" it says what it says, that according to the 7pt scale Oates "ranks" higher than Lemiuex et al.

This is the classic arguement between quantitative statistics (7pt scale) and qualitative statistics (he's better simply because he is MARIO LEMIEUX!). It seems everyone who is discounting Ogopogo's formula is doing so from a qualitative perspective when it would be fallacy to do so because the formula/scale is purely quantitative.

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