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Originally Posted by Tock
I'm looking for a city name.....does anyone know?
From Brian MacFarlane's book "The History of Hockey"

"Pinpointing the exact origins of the game with any degree of accuracy is an impossibility. It is greatly recognized as a Canadian game, although there is evidence that a form of hockey on ice was played in Europe before Canadians adopted the game and shaped it to their liking."

He continues: "Perhaps hockey owes its birth to the British Royal Family, for included among the game's pioneers were members of the royal household." He mentions a get-together there in 1853 -- a form of field hockey on ice was played. The journalist Ian Gordon, in 1937, determined that the idea for hockey originated in Windsor Castle in 1853.

He then writes: "Journalist (Ian) Gordon claims it was more than 20 years later that the game crossed the ocean to Canada when a student at McGill University came upon the game of field hockey while on a visit to England. When he returned to Montreal, he and his fellow collegians adapted the game to ice and were the first to play ice hockey in Canada."

There are other and more descriptive facts mentioned in this opening chapter including some Nova Scotians who say the sport originated there. Another view states that the first official game was played in Kingston, Ontario in 1855 at a British garrison.

A Montreal-native named John Knox claimed in 1941 that the sport's first game was played in 1837 in Montreal. MacFarlane seems to support the McGill theory.

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