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12-16-2010, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Visnovsky an albatross?

Lubomir Visnovsky is an all-star offensive defenseman who is still playing at a high level. His $5.5 mill cap hit is not bad at all for a player of his caliber.

D-Man with similar cap hits

Duncan Keith
Brian Rafalski
Bryan McCabe
Kimmo Timmonen
Paul Martin
Mike Green
Andrei Markov
Roman Hamrlik
Michal Roszival
Sergei Gonchar

Smyth is no longer playing at a high level, the Kings are paying him $6.1 million to stand in front of the net on the PP, look at his ES numbers, especially the last 15 games

Forwards with similar cap hits

Patrick Kane
Jonathan Toews
Paul Stastny
Henrik Zetterberg
Pavel Datsyuk
Shawn Horfcoff
Anze Kopitar
Mikko Koivu
Danny Briere
Mike Cammalleri
Patrik Elias
Alexander Semin
Mike Richards
Martin St. Louis
Henrik Sedin
Daniel Sedin
Nicklas Backstrom

It's pretty obvious the Kings are getting nowhere close to a $6 mill player in Smyth. Everyone criticizes Lowe for the Horcoff contract (and rightfully so), well Lombardi deserves just as much blame for saddling the Kings with this ridiculous contract.


Two points about your Smyth to Edmonton proposal.

1. Why would the pros pro waive his NTC to leave a contending team to go to an awful team for potentially one season. A team he already left once over a 500k salary dispute, remember the crying press conference. I'm pretty sure the pros pro would love to win a Stanley Cup before it's all said and done. Why would he give up that chance with the Kings in 2012 to go back to Edmonton for one season?

2. Why would the Oilers take up 6 mill in cap space, and $4 million in real money for a guy who is well on the decline when they have plenty of other options available. And let's be honest, Smyth is going where the money goes, he has proven this before. He will sign in 2012 with whatever team gives him the last million or two of his career.

Smyth has no incentive to leave, and even if he did the Oilers aren't going to help the Kings out of this awful contract unless the Kings send other assets with him. He is our very own Rolston and Souray next season.
1. Because he loves Edmonton and the Edmonton fans love him. I can't read the guys mind, but you need to search some of the trade proposals regarding him discussed by Edmonton fans over the last 6 months. He would be welcome to return to Edmonton.

2. Edmonton operates no where near the cap and for one season $4M isn't bad for the kind of leadership Ryan Smyth provides. Your obvious disdain for the guy and Lombardi in general clouds your judgment here. That is pretty clear when you compare him to Rolston and Souray.

3. I'm not even saying the guy has to be moved. The way Doughty is playing, I doubt that he gets his mega-cap hit deal starting next season. Dean may very well tell him he is going to have to wait until Smyth is off the books. If the Kings could add Kovalchuk this past summer with Smyth on the team, they can afford a guy like Richards or Semin or whoever else Lombardi pursues as a UFA (if indeed he pursues any UFAs).

One more point. I loved Lubo when he was here as much as anyone, but the guy s*** the bed big time his last season here and at the time it was pretty much 50/50 which way his game was going to go. He didn't play all that great in Edmonton and the Kings filled two big holes in that trade. Lubo would "fit" on this team, but he isn't necessarily needed.

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