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12-16-2010, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post

... The problem is that you're being misleading here. The team is 14-11 with 3 shootouts. Last season at this time, they were 13-10 with 5 shootouts. There is virtually no difference. This season they've scored 75. Last season at this time, they had scored 80. Last season at this time, the Kings were allowing 26.6 shots per game. This season it's 28.4. I would think it's really a stretch to say that the Kings are better this season than they were last season. The only difference is that last season at this time, Quick had a save percentage of .900. This season, it's .933. That's really all it is. And is that going to last? Is Quick REALLY that good? There's no way of knowing, but I'd hate like hell to have to rely on that..
I'm not going back to find it, but I swear in the last week or two you argued in a post that Quick really wasnt better this season, but the team in front of him was.
Man, it just goes to show that statistics can be used to prove anything, including the points you think you're not making. Intellectual ping pong is all they are good for, and in the end they "prove" nothing.

By your own argument, JQ is better. The Kings are giving up more shots and not only is JQ saving more actual shots, he is saving a higher percentage of them too. As for relying on it, Don't you worry about that. You're not on the ice (in fact I don't know if you ever even played the game). But every team I have ever played on, every team I have ever coached, every team I've ever watched or heard about with the possible exception of the Edmonton Oilers (Gretzky era) RELIED on their Goaltender being as good as he could be. The Kings players and the management and us fans RELY on JQ, and if he falters we'll RELY on JB. We have to, thats the nature of the position.

AS the saying goes: Offense wins games, but Defense wins championships. And in hockey, defense begins and ends at the goal line.

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