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12-16-2010, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
MMOs don't have free agency though. It literally takes 96 hours to go from worst to first.
Oh I know. But I think Nik see's this as a positive for the newer people. Attract a bunch of new people and tell them that they wont be left behind due to all the vets who have been playing for 2 or so years.

Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
The thing is, though, TH is nowhere near the end of Beta and I don't see a rapid influx of new players to the game every day either. Its current bread and butter are the veteran coaches and it needs to accommodate accordingly.
When he said wipe, I was thinking about right before the beta ends and the real thing starts.

Now trust me, Im not 100% with the wipe, Im pretty high ranked on the both national and international scale and losing that will piss me off (if we are talking about a full wipe and not just roster wipe). Roster wipe, I wouldnt really mind either way. Full wipe I am totally against.

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