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12-16-2010, 03:39 PM
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You know it's good when the hour flies by in what seems like 10 minutes.

A few things I noticed.

The Pens seem to make a real effort to make the "away" locker room seem like home. Lots of signs and placards on the walls, team logo rug in the middle of the floor, etc. I thought most teams did this but it didn't appears the Capitals did, or maybe the editing just didn't show it.

Boudreau with the food all over his face was both ******* hilarious and ******* ridiculous. Dude, seriously. And his clothes at the beginning of the sweat pants with a red long sleeved tee that, shall we say, "accentuated" his gut....well, I know it seems petty until you think about the fact that he needs multi-millionaire top-notch athletes to respect him, and the guy doesn't even seem to repect himself.....

The Bylsma/Shero player-rating interchange was fascinating. I'm guessing every GM in the league watched that show last night trying to get a glimpse of how the "other side" does things.

Player cars....noticed that the dudes who are unmarried/no kids drive the Benzes and BMW's.....while Pascal Dupuis (married with 4 kids) rolls in his Chevy mini van thing.

Loved how Dupuis walks into the training center and says "hey boys" to the players seated, then sees Malkin and just says "F%@* you, Geno".

Can't wait til next week. Agree the NHL needs WAY more of this stuff.

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