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10-07-2003, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Digger12
2 years ago, the Senators were only 2 points better than the Oilers. The difference now?

-Hossa went from a 30 goal player to a 40 goal player. That is huge.
-Lalime grew to become an above average starting goaltender, though he does benefit from a team system that doesn't require their goalie to stand on his head every night.
-They got a great return on Yashin...Chara far exceeded everyone's expectations and is now the model that we hope Semenov can achieve. Spezza is going to be a star. Hell, just getting rid of Yashin can be considered a plus move.
-Their overall system has evolved to something that is VERY hard to beat. They almost remind me of those Soviet Red Army teams, they come at you like a machine that just grinds you to powder. Mr. Martin isn't the most intense guy around, but he knows how to coach a hockey team.
I have to agree with you a 3 points and throw in 2 more for why the Senators are better.

1. Marian Hossa, that step to 40 goals like you said was huge.
2. Lalime is playing alot better than Salo
3. Chara is far better than the Oiler's 2nd dman. Hopefully in a few years, Semenov will develop into that type of player. He has the potential.
4. Ottawa's 4-6 defense is a hell of alot better. Phillips, Rachunek, Volchenkov and Leschysyn are awesome
5. I think this is also quite important. Ottawa plays in the eastern conference, most of those games are against Eastern conference teams. That makes winning alot easier.

In the Eastern conference, 3 teams have made it to the finals in the last 6 years and missed the playoffs the following year. Carolina, Buffalo and Washington. I don't think one of those teams would have made it past the 2nd round in the West.

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