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12-16-2010, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by smithson876 View Post
cbc.... millbury just called PK a cheerleader.
You know what's funny about this? I used to have ringside seasons when I lived in Montreal in the 1970s and Mike Milbury of the Bruins was the biggest chicken-***** on the ice. If you had your back turned, look out because this dirty sucker would take a run at you, but I never, and I mean NEVER saw him fight or take on a guy who was facing him. CBC should be embarassed on how he and PJ were carrying on with their total Bruins bias.

On a related matter... unlike what these CBC idiots were saying, I NEVER want to see PK fighting. Why? So that he can damage his hand or shoulder and be out for 6 weeks? Just like I near had a heart attack when Cammy got into that fight. What in god's name was he thinking? Moen is the only real fighter we have on the team and thus he should be the only guy fighting. And despite all the criticism, Lapierre is not a good fighter, so why should he fight? He doesn't lack guts or heart. He goes into the corners, he goes to the net. He's effective doing what he does. Why give the other team a boost by getting his clock cleaned? I've seen him fight. He can't fight. So he shouldn't fight.

On a final note... I don't understand all the criticism PK engenders from Cherry, Milbury, et al. He's a skill player getting criticized for not fighting?!!
I know this will cause a rain of ***** to come down on my head, but I have to wonder if there's some kind of subconscious racism going on here. It's like they're disposed to dislike him no matter what he does. I'm sick and tired of hearing comments like, "Well he has a lot of skill, BUT..." Over the years, I've seen a lot of stars come and go, but this situation is quite new to me.

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