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06-15-2005, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by King Blazer
From Provencher's article:

Bottom line? Boudreau will have no problem landing with another AHL team. He would be a natural fit for the Maple Leafs' new Toronto Marlies franchise or he might just end up sticking it to the Monarchs behind the Hartford Wolf Pack bench.

I think it's highly unlikely that Boudreau will end up behind the Hartford Wolf Pack bench or any of the other Divisional rivals of the Monarchs.

Remember, Boudreau signed an extension and was then "relieved of his coaching duties", technically, he's still an employee of the Kings organization and I'd be shocked if there wasn't wording in Boudreau's contract that gives the Kings power to deterimine if Boudreau can negotiate with other teams or not. I have no proof that such a clause exists in Boudreau's contract. BUT, if the KINGS ONLY wanted to provide Boudreau with a severance package they could have fired him and given him a severance package. Everything happens for a reason and my suspicion is that the signing of the extension followed by the relieved of his coaching responsibilities was done to protect the Kings/Monarchs position...
Great call KB and something I hadn't really thought of at all. If BB really meant that he considers all his bosses and co-workers friends and expects them to call him soon, then maybe this isn't such a big deal after all. I look at it this way, the Monarchs are still paying him his salary as if he were the coach...but they have other plans for him. Is it really that different from what the Devils did with Larry Robinson? Yeah, it's a little odd...but odd doesn't make it wrong.

Now I'm reallyreserving judgment...if BB is offered (and accepts) some kind of scouting job with the Kings, maybe we'll all look at it 3 months from now and say everyone handled it well and it's great to have BB still with the franchise.

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