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12-17-2010, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by genericnyrusername View Post
By now I know you're pessimistic about the team by nature but come on this is a crock of ****. Here are all the reasons why:

1. He had multiple very successful scoring years in the West. Why didn't they ever figure this out?
2. The Wild played a very defensive system when Gaborik was there. The talks were how under a Torts system he might go crazy, because he's finally given a chance to go play offense.
"The talks?" From who, people who don't understand the sport's tactics? The Wild's very defensive system was DESIGNED to take advantage of Gaborik's strengths. Perfect for Gaborik. Quick turnovers in the neutral zone that give you quick odd man rushes. Everyone figured it out, that doesn't mean they were capable of stopping it. That's why Lemaire's system worked for Gaborik.

3. When a guy ends up scoring 42 goals in a year, and is a vet who's done that before the idea that no east coach managed to get a hold of some game film from his days in the West is absurd. If the correction was as simple as "don't give him time and space" they would have figured that out a lot quicker than this.
Everyone figured it out on paper. It's another thing to execute it, and execution becomes easier with experience. It's one thing to watch it on film and to plan it out, it's another thing to have to play and coach against it. It's plain as day how much more attention he's getting defensively this season. Hell, it was already happening towards the end of last season.

4. Going on that strategy, is there an elite scorer in the league that you should give time and space to? It seems like that's what you try to limit with any prolific scorer, not really something that you need to look into.
Of course, not. But I already made this point: some players don't need a lot of time and space, they're strong enough and talented enough to be able to create time and space for themselves. Gaborik isn't among them.

5. For all these complaints about his scoring touch, he's still on pace for a 37 goal per 82 game pace! He's not getting completely shut down at all. He's just a sneaky scorer, and I don't have the numbers in front of me to check, but some have suggested a streaky scorer.
Sneaky scorer? LOL. What does that even mean? The guy has 9 goals in 20 games, and SIX of those 9 have come in two games (three against the league's worst team, the Islanders, and 3 against Edmonton, who at the time of that game, were 4-8-3 and full of young players with a month of NHL experience). Of the remaining three, one came in the game against a Washington team that didn't even show up to play.

Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Isnt that a bit of a cliche sometimes? "Don't give the guy any space"... We always hear that from our announcers when our defensemen effectively play good games against top forwards, and heard it last night with Staal playing against Crosby... Elite players will find ways to create and make that space, and that's what makes them so effective...
Some elite players will.

You can't take that ability away from them on a nightly (and consistent) basis...... It's certainly not as if all these teams can simply decide they won't give him any space when they play us and that's that, he's negated.... I'd find it pretty hard to believe that teams couldn't figure out how to utilize this strategy last season when he was putting up a ton of points.. It's not like Gaborik was the first speedy forward in the conference....
On a nightly basis? No. That's why he'll continue to take advantage of poor teams and weak teams, as he's done so far this season. No one can play perfectly at all times. But if you watch how teams treat him, they isolate him, they double up on him, they're playing the angles differently on him now. Last season, he was able to get behind the D with a lot more ease than he has this year, because teams are more weary of it now.

He'll simply need to be more creative and find ways to get himself into scoring positions on the ice in these games where he's not producing much offense...
Or he'll continue to struggle to score goals against tough defense until the Rangers give him a real playmaker to play with. It's really not as simple as you make it out to be, and I'm going to guess that this trend will continue throughout the season. Some part of it is the struggles that Del Zotto is experiencing. He was the only player on the team capable of threading passes last season, and he hasn't really done that with any kind of consistency this season.

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