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12-17-2010, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by L-train View Post
That's what happens when good players only have to go against other human head coaches in a 4.x league for 6 games a year...

5-1 win. Stayed up late to redo my tactics, and it paid off bigtime... top two lines were dominant, particularly on the PP... 3 for 6.

Also, gave Miler the nickname "Thriller" and he puts up a 3 point game... coincidence? I think not!
Actually 4.x leagues seem to have way more human head coaches than 3.x. They might not be as good of players in the game but they can at least set the lines correctly compared to the computer who uses avg only to determine lines. Everyone starts in 4.x so there are actual tons of HC there. My conference only has 5 computer controlled teams, 2 of which are GOP'd. In 4.4 where his guy is there are only 4 computer teams in that conference. In your 3.x conference...12!

Hell, I play 8 games this year just against people from HF!

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