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12-17-2010, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
The worst thing I can say is that my frustration has been replaced by apathy. Not really watching games, not really excited/worried/whatever. Just not caring. And for a guy who's as big a fan as I am, what does that say about the casual fan?

The thing that pisses me off is that the Wild has been sucking for well over a month, just getting worse and worse in the standings, and nothing is being done. Koivu is still with Bruno and Miettinen. There have been no trades. The D pairings are still the same. No big callups or send-downs. Just complacency.

Here's the best part: the Wild could finish dead last in the conference and still not get a lottery pick! Isles are at 17 points, no catching them, Devils have 20 points, they'll likely be a basement team. From there, Florida, Toronto, Edmonton, Buffalo, and Minnesota are all four points apart from 26-30. It's entirely possible Florida at Toronto keep sucking and Edmonton and Minnesota do better than Buffalo and we'll still end up picking 6th or 7th. One more reason tanking doesn't work.

Richards needs to go, right now. Let's see if he's the problem or the players. It's obvious he's not the right coach, but before the team gets blown up, see who's worth keeping.
You're right. I was watching the game last night and more people were cheering for the San Diego/San Fransisco football game than the Wild game, it was very sad.

It's obvious the team needs a shake-up. Fletch has been talking about it for awhile and he needs to pull the trigger.

Maybe that shake-up happens this weekend with the Holiday Roster Freeze?

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