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12-17-2010, 12:52 PM
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As much as I want him gone...

last night was not Richards' fault.

having that goal taken away (rightfully so) killed the team. i have absolutely no idea why there wasn't more anger about that from this roster. i mean... us fans were pissed. we were still "in" the game even after the Sens scored right away after that.

it wasn't until we started seeing the **** effort on the ice where we got really, really restless...

this team is acting like a bunch of concussed pansy *****. sorry, but if i get smacked in the face (literally or figuratively) i get angry. i don't go into a corner and cry. this team? went into a corner to cry last night.

Koivu needs to get a spine. His post-game interview was more like a whiney, snot nosed punk kid making excuses. Brodziak fell on the sword pretty hard, and I gotta admire the kid for that.

no heart. no heart at all.

If this is what we are going to get from our 7 million per year captain... trade him. get him outta here. give the team to Havlat for a couple of years... package all of the effin Finns together and take on some other teams albatross contracts.


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