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12-17-2010, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Jersey Girl View Post

1. This team is VERY easy to root for. It's like the man behind the curtian took prior incarnations of the Rangers and gave them a heart. It always seemed like the fans cared more than the players...but not this year.

2. Chanting "Henrik" after the first two goals was just mean. Understandable and if I was there I would have felt like chanting it as well...but still mean.

3. Did anyone who watched the telecast think Mariano was a little tipsy during the interview? I did. 'It's haaaaaard'

4. LOVED how Avery, Drury and Stepan all attacked the net after the face off win on Stepan's goal. That's what's been missing in prior years.

5. Didn't you used to be Marian Gaborik?

6. Get ready for those 'can the Rangers win the Stanley Cup this year?' threads. Always comes after a small winning streak. To be followed by the 'this team needs to be disbanded' threads after a small losing streak.

7. 'In Torts we trust' again? Or too soon?

8. Something wrong with my newspaper this morning. It actually said the Islanders won. AS IF...

9. How many people wanted big Valley back halfway through the first period? Tell the truth.

10. Give me more Brandon Prusts. Please.

11. Wow Christensen has quick hands.

12. Anyone see the hit PK Subban put on Marchand last night? Tremendous open ice hit not unlike when Staal rocked Matt Stajan. Everybody on the Hockey Night in Canada telecast liked it except for Mike Milbury of course.

13. Not a big fan of forwards at the power play point in general, and having a rookie there in particular. There are exceptions to this (Matt Cullen), but please keep d-men on the point.

14. Nice of Jason Larbarbera to give us an early Christmas gift.

15. Let's go to Philly and beat the Cliff Lee out of them!
Tell me how you really feel...

Seriously though this team is easy to root for. But I don't like how even though we are winning big games, people still find something to complain about, in this case Gaborik. He is an elite goal scorer and will score again, don't you guys worry.

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