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12-17-2010, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by sfo View Post
I see Canada is still bitter about last year....

seriously...Jack Campbell wasn't the reason we won and Allen wasn't the reason Canada lost. Just accept it. USA was the best team at the tournament last year, and Canada wasn't. Let's all move on.

As for the "cockyness" of the Americans after the gold medal last year that has been suggested by a few disgruntled Canadian fans on this board and people saying we think we have "the best junior team ever" .... um... I thought that was Canada the last oh 10 years? Seriously. Stop calling us cocky when Canada has worn that label proudly for quite some time.
The goaltenders weren't the deciding factors, but if Campbell's season continues it might be a difference this year. The difference last year was mainly a depleted defense group...the USA outplayed us in the final, but resting on that without any context appears in the way the US demanded respect last year at the Olympics after beating Canada in the round robin. Canadians said Miller was the main difference and he'd probably have to be the main difference again if they wanted to beat Canada again..and he wasn't...the American's actually showed better in the final in the game they lost then the game they won. That's hockey.

Resting on the cocky thing? I call it like I see it, call it like it's been publicized and then referenced examples of how historically USA Hockey does much better as underdogs and worse as favourites....which might have to do with that cockyness and bravado of heading into a tournament as favourites. Maybe TSN believes that too and as the unquestioned media drive of this tournament, maybe that's why their pushing the Americans so hard and pretending Canada has no names (which any focused hockey follower knows to be untrue). When asked about it the Canadian players look like they think it's a joke having to talk about how the team does not boast Jordan Eberle this year. It's comical how the media is riding this thing.

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